Inactivated polio vaccine adopted from September

With the revisal of preventive vaccination law, inactivated polio vaccine has been used for regular injection since September 1st, 2012. The changes are as follows:
Vaccine will be changed from live vaccine to inactivated one.
b.Injection method
Vaccine will be injected using needles instead of oral injection.
c.Injection frequency
Vaccine should be injected four times, not twice. Those who have already had injected inactive vaccine overseas can be injected until you reach four times.
d.Time for injection
The injection period in spring and fall will be abolished. Instead you can get injected any time of your convenience. Please make appointments for vaccination. The medical interview sheet is available at medical institutions for vaccination.
For questions, please call Health Promotion Team, Health Promotion Division at 0223-34-0524.





協力・制作:仙台大学 林怡蕿(リン・イーシェン)研究室

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