Watari Parking Area Smart Highway Exit system authorized

A letter of authorization of smart highway exit (or inter-change) system was given to Watari Town at Tohoku branch of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (MLIT). 
A director of the MLIT handed the permission letter to inter-connect Watari parking area with smart inter-changes to the representatives of Fukushima, Miyagi, and Iwate prefecture, and Saito Mayor received a letter of authorization to inter-connect with Watari Town parking area with smart inter-changes.  
Smart inter-change system is an exit system to charge the toll exclusively via ETC system. The authorized system would connect Watari interchange and Yamamoto interchange with Watari parking area under development at Aukuma Takaya Aza Shin’yachi, which is 5.4km south and 6.1km north to respective interchange. 
We can expect easier access to the industrial complex at Chuo District of Watari Town, making easier to attracting companies from outside. Once the strawberry farm complex is completed, the stable road access will be secured, which should help strawberry farmers to recover from the disaster quicker. 
Also, we could shorten time to access the highway, which make citizens’ life more convenient, including shorter time for ambulances to bring patients to hospitals stably.  
At the ceremony, Saito Mayor said, “We expect economic effects to smooth logistics for agricultural products and to attract more enterprises. Also, we view it as an evacuation route from Arahama, and want to promote this project.” 
This facility would take into effect in March 2017, where all kinds of ETC cars can park 24hours, equipped with bathrooms.
For questions, call Planning Team, Planning and Finance Division, at 0223-34-0505.




協力・制作:立教大学 社会学部 林怡蕿(リン・イーシェン)研究室